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Dr. Stephanie Koempel is an experienced transpersonal therapist, licensed professional counselor, and licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor. Dr. Koempel's clinical work focuses on the positive and resilient aspects of her clients, which she believes facilitates healing and ultimately leads to a more joyful life.  As a human-animal bond researcher, pet therapy specialist, and feral cat advocate, Dr. Koempel can attest to the fact that the human-animal bond is eternal and not broken through death. Dr. Koempel helps pet owners heal the emotional wounds that arise from the death of a beloved companion animal. She currently resides with 11 companion animals and has personally grieved 9 of her own companion animal deaths.


Recent Book

Has your heart just been broken? Experiencing grief after the death of a beloved pet is a normal emotional response to such a devastating and heart-breaking loss.  After a pet dies, it is difficult learning to live without this special type of relationship. There is a void not only in your life but also in your heart. Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bridge inspires readers to look within and discover their own innate healing abilities. Dr. Stephanie Koempel shares her soulful exploration of the human-animal bond through a collection of heart-warming stories  of individuals that have loved and lost a beloved cat or dog. Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bridge offers hope to readers that their beloved pets are waiting for them somewhere over the beautiful Rainbow Bridge.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge: Loving our pets throughout life and beyond

February 14 , 2020


The Rainbow Bridge

The poem “Rainbow Bridge” describes a place that companion animals go upon death where they lovingly wait for their human companions to join them. There is distinct feeling of healing that takes place within the poem when the owners finally reunite with their beloved companion animals.
By the edge of a woods, at the foot of a hill,
Is a lush, green meadow where time stands still.
Where the friends of man and woman do run,
When their time on earth is over and done.
For here, between this world and the next,
Is a place where each beloved creature finds rest.
On this golden land, they wait and they play,
Till the Rainbow Bridge they cross over one day.
No more do they suffer, in pain or in sadness,
For here they are whole, their lives filled with gladness.
Their limbs are restored, their health renewed,
Their bodies have healed, with strength imbued.
They romp through the grass, without even a care,
Until one day they start, and sniff at the air.
All ears prick forward, eyes dart front and back,
Then all of a sudden, one breaks from the pack.
For just at that instant, their eyes have met;
Together again, both person and pet.
So they run to each other, these friends from long past,
The time of their parting is over at last.
The sadness they felt while they were apart,
Has turned into joy once more in each heart.
They embrace with a love that will last forever,
And then, side-by-side, they cross over … together. (Anonymous, n.d.)


In life and through death pets offer opportunities to learn soulful lessons
about oneself and about life.


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